Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe from Outdoor Fire Pits!

If you own an outdoor fire pit then you know how much enjoyment they can bring to a family. They open up activities for people to do together, and they create memories that parents can have with their kids.

But like many things, there needs to be some type of guidelines or rules when it comes to fire pits. Parents need to ensure that a potential hazard does not occur when the kids are in the backyard around it.

Wondering what ways you can keep your children safe? Hopefully this list can help you understand how to keep any risks at bay and be aware of things to do:

Make Rules – Have your kids be aware of the rules that you make up for the outdoor fire pit. Tell them how close they can get or where they should play when outside. As a parent, you need to communicate this and show your children where they should not go or be by. Show them how close they can get, what they need to be careful of, and when they can play by it with an adult watching.

Keep an Eye Out – Whenever you spend time by the fire pit, make sure you are keeping a watchful eye on your kids. Make sure they play at a good distance, do not try to touch the fire, or go near it. Perhaps sit in a view where the children can be in your sight, or always make sure that an adult is watching when your kids are in the backyard.

Put the Fire Pit in a Safe Area – One of the best ways to keep your kids from being harmed or injured by the result of a fire pit is to place it in an area that is safe. Do not have anything too close by or in a way that it blocks a path. Having it in your backyard can be a great place for an portable fire pit, but keep it in view and far from places that can catch on fire.

Look at the Manuel – It needs to be said that viewing the manual and instructions that comes with the fire pit you choose can be a life saver! Just understanding the little details, dos-and-don’ts, and how to light it can help any parent keep their children safe. It can be a helpful guide on how to prevent any mistakes from happening later in the future.

Protect the Fire Pit – What this means is to put something around the fire pit that can prevent any child to go by the fire or touch it. A spark guard can be a perfect choice to put around one. It can keep keep sparks or embers from hitting surfaces that can start a fire – or worse, burn someone!

Let the Fire Pit Cool Down – Fire pits can still be very hot after you and your family uses them. Make sure no kid goes near it so it can cool down on its own time (which typically is a little over an hour).

Things to Keep By In Case – In case any emergency does happen to occur, keep by a fire extinguisher or water. Hopefully it never comes to this point and nothing serious ever happens. But, it is best to stay safe and always have a precaution!

Safety is a priority of any parent. However, now that you know a few good ways to keep your kids safe, you can have even more fun with the family while being risk-free! Also it’s a good idea to only buy good quality fire pits, read reviews from reputable sources such as Fire In Style.


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