5 Fashion Houses That Take Couture To The Next Level

We are all accustomed to fashion houses defining trends and the way should people dress so that they fit the standard of beauty. Although today fashion became less restrictive regarding rules of style, there are still canonical practices that establish the vast field of clothes manufacturing. However, what makes a fashion collection a statement in its era is not its wearability but the creativity that hides behind the textile. Designers learned to inspire their work from all fields and collect matter that sets their work aside from the rest. With these thoughts in mind, we’ve tried to enlist the most memorable endeavors of fashion houses that stood the test of time.

1. Prada and the revival od spring

Miuccia Prada took the revolutionary road when she designed this breathtaking Prada spring-summer collection in 2008. Her iconic work stood out through vibrating colors and lightweight fabrics that fused together in a fine, organic result. In collaboration with the artist James Jean, this collection vividly expressed his signature motifs, such as translucent organzas and airy water color tones.

2. Sarah Oliver Knitted Bags

Although not a runway collection, Sarah Oliver Handbags has mesmerized the audience when shared details of the fashion house’s collaboration with retired ladies. The products are not only flawlessly knitted but also bear the feels of the warm hands of a grandmother that put all the effort and care in creating couture statement.

3. Emilio Pucci and eccentric fashion

Pucci was renowned for dauntlessly assaulting the restrictive fashion industry with his vibrating creativity. His expression of fashion was displayed through eye-catching prints and bright colors. The designer was never afraid to dare and managed to define the consciousness of many decades. In the collection of 2020, Pucci’s sophistication has mastered through the bold colors and wild prints that translate into the genius of Emilio Pucci.

4. Paco Rabanne and futurism

The ’60s were defined by a prolonged endeavor of determining the density of space. Rabanne was one of the promoters of futuristic, space-age inspired designs. He thought of fashion as a means of turmoil and constant innovation. In this manner, his metal dress not only made him a renowned creator but also earned his reputation as an avant-la-lettre designer.

5. Vivienne Westwood and punk

When Vivienne Westwood took seized control over the punk rock movement in fashion, a new era of couture was just about to spring. The way she integrated the essence of punk and translated it into textures and patterns shook the world audience. The autumn/winter collection in 1991 is maybe her most memorable one that encompassed her masterful skills and talent.

6. Alexander McQueen and ground-breaking fashion statements

Prior to his death in 2010, McQueen was a creator that inspired a wide spectrum of feelings. Through his outstanding work, McQueen constantly attempted to redefine fashion and fought for a liberal approach to what couture should be. His collections were raw, distinctive and a vivid depiction of high-class.

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