3 Best Burberry Perfumes for Women


Are you looking for the best perfume? Ever tried Burberry perfumes? What was your experience? I guess it was great. But what do you look for when buying Burberry perfumes? You should remember that fashion, is an independent industry has started catering the needs of all. Wearing clothes, accessories, footwear, and jewelry attuned to the fashions are the talks of old days. Today is an era for perfumes which has found its place in this list above most recently. It has been little known that a bottle with liquid equal, when opened, can do wonders for you.

Any good attire is just incomplete with the right fragrance. It is just not a fragrance to hide your body odor; it is the mood that drives you and everyone around. A fragrance explains your style statement according to the mood you are currently in. That is why it has become more a part of your dress. Well if you have the right fragrance at the right time, no wonders you can impress anyone; be it your girlfriend or a boyfriend in that case. So it is very important to have a right fragrance at the right time.

3 best Burberry perfumes for women

Burberry “London”

In an innovative twist, the bottles for Burberry “London” are encapsulated in actual Burberry Fabric giving exciting authenticity to the whole ensemble. Crafted by Dominique Ropion who also happens to be an author, this scent is also available in two varieties. The men’s’ line has an “amber woody” fragrance that is very different from the women’s which is strictly floral.

Burberry “Brit”

Available in three different varieties – for men, women, and the “Sheer” line for men, the Brit line is one of Burberry’s most popular scents. The description of the woman’s line is, a “surprising” mix of sugar and spices. All three variants come in bottles designed in the classic Burberry checked pattern.

Burberry fragrance

The most noted Burberry fragrance is simply called Burberry(available for both men and women). You will also find Brit by Burberry, Burberry London, Weekend by Burberry, Touch, The Beat, Summer, Brit Red, Brit Sheer, Baby Touch (a unisex fragrance), Sport, and Burberry Summer Ladies. The flagship scent of

Burberry is best described as a sugar and spice bouquet that captures the playful London-chic spirit. This icon, along with its sister fragrance Burberry Brit, has won a Fifi Award (the highest honor in perfumery).

Why should you buy Burberry perfumes


Before the fragrance, it is the packaging of a perfume that decides its fate. Most of the women try a perfume just because they like its look. If you are just like the majority of women, then you would be awestruck to look at Burberry’s perfume packaging. It comes in a very cute red and white packing and a woman has no reason to hate it. But, don’t commit the mistake of buying fragrances online simply by looks.

Fragrance Notes

Not everyone can understand the different notes of a perfume. You need to have some basic knowledge to choose the best fragrances for women.

In conclusion, be sure to take the above product into consideration while buying your perfume.