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Hey! I’m Walking Here!

A Mile a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Well, if you want to get technical, it’s more like 4.5 miles – or 10 thousand steps. You’ve probably heard of this magical number before: it’s the minimum recommended number of steps you should walk every single day if you want to keep your heart healthy and your mind sharp. The main reason why walking is hailed as being one of the best forms of cardio out there is that it’s simple. Wait, what? Simple? Surely running or cycling are both sports that will more quickly burn off the calories and increase your heart rate. You never really feel like you’re doing anything when you’re just walking around. Well, therein lies the secret: you’re not doing much. Just putting one foot in front of the other. However, you’re doing it thousands and thousands of times. Think about it: how much can you walk before actually needing to stop and gasp for air. Most of us can march and march for hours before we can genuinely say that we’re tired. It’s a form of cardio that can be performed for extended periods of time. And, because we can keep it up for so long, we end up burning more calories in the process. A 20-minute run burns around 170 calories on average – or roughly the calories in 2 slices of white bread. By comparison, a 2 hour leisurely stroll can burn up to 600 calories. That means you can eat that burger for lunch and walk it off in just two hours. Sure, you can argue that running is far more effective at consuming calories than walking, but can you honestly say you can continuously run for a whole hour? You would need to be an extremely dedicated person to master that kind of endurance level. And calories are calories at the end of the day. It doesn’t matter how you burn them. Another potential reason that could explain why walking comes so naturally to us humans is that our bodies were literally designed to walk a lot. Think about our nomadic ancestors. They had to keep walking just to ensure that they would find enough food to stay alive. They were in much better shape than we are nowadays, and we have a lot to learn from them.

These Shoes Are Made For Walking

If you’re looking to incorporate more walks into your daily life, you should definitely invest in a reliable pair of shoes. When walking, the only tools that aid you are your feet. If they’re unhappy, they will absolutely let you know. If you’re aiming for long walks, you need to ensure that your shoes fit like a glove and that they offer you the support you need to get through your workout. Make sure they’re a bit on the larger side, as our feet tend to swell up as the day progresses. It’s true that blisters are an occupational hazard when doing a lot of exercise, so make sure to wear comfortable socks and maybe pick up some patches or bandaids. Your shoes will definitely become your best buddies though, so choose wisely. If you’re looking for the best walking shoes for men, be sure to check out!

How to make your Pitbull happy

Taking care of any pet is not just fun and games all the time. Being a responsible pet owner means committing to showering it with attention and care as much as they need it. Depending on the pet it can be time-consuming but also very rewarding. Being loved unconditionally by your pet is one of the best feelings in the world. A well taken care of animal will reciprocate by cheering you up whenever you are feeling down.

Pitbulls are no different. They have a bad reputation with some people considering them to be a violent and dangerous dog breed but this is not the case. They are simply very energetic and will rarely stay still throughout the whole day. They are also relatively susceptible to training and can be taught various tricks which is why they make great police dogs. A Pitbull can become a great companion if you treat it well. But what exactly can you do to provide your Pitbull with an environment in which they will thrive and grow healthy?

Proper nourishment

Any pet should be getting only quality food from its owner. Because Pitbulls are very energetic dogs, their diet should accommodate that. A good balance of protein and carbohydrates is a must to making sure your Pitbull is getting all of the needed nutrients. For the best brands of dog food check out this list of best food for Pitbulls.

Pitbulls burn a lot of calories during the day due to their heightened activity so by giving it less than the required amount of food daily you risk it becoming malnourished and losing crucial muscle mass. Adult Pitbulls have a requirement of around 1500 calories intake a day, divided between two even meals. To check how many grams that is read the label on the dog food packaging.


Pitbulls need a lot of exercise so they are not good dogs for people who are too busy during the day to provide them with enough playtime. At least one hour outside every day is recommended. If you are a jogger you can even take them with you on the run to keep you company. Other activities you can do are playing catch or taking it to a dog park to socialize with other dogs.

A Pitbull that doesn’t have an outlet for releasing its energy will become restless and can exhibit destructive tendencies. They will not feel comfortable with an owner who isn’t playful with them. Just giving it a toy is not enough, you need to actively spend time with your pet daily.

You should also train your Pitbull so that you can control it when playing outside. A Pitbull that is running around isn’t normally dangerous but it can easily scare others. Fortunately, Pitbulls are easily taught and you should have no problem with teaching it basic commands like ‘stay’ or ‘come’, especially if you start when the Pitbull is still a puppy. Training is also a great way to bond with your pet.

If you need more information about taking care of your Pitbull, visit this site for anything Pitbull-related.

When should your child start using deodorant?

Most adults use deodorant every morning without giving it much thought. It has become ingrained in our society that deodorant is essential to keeping up with our personal hygiene. But at what age did we actually start wearing deodorant? Many parents try to remember their beginnings with deodorant as they watch their children grow up.

What age is appropriate to start using deodorant?

The answer is that there is no clear answer to this question. Many children first start developing body odor as they enter puberty but that happens at different ages and is individual to each child. Most boys start puberty sometime between 10 and 15 years old, while girls do it between 9 and 13 years old. It is not unusual, however, for body odor to start developing even earlier. Apocrine sweat glands start secreting sweat that is then digested by bacteria living on our skin. This process, rather than the sweat itself, is what causes body odor to appear.

And while there is no specific age your child should start using deodorant, it is recommended to introduce them to this cosmetic when you first start noticing body odor. It not only helps with your child’s hygiene, but it will also protect them from being ostracized by their peers due to the foul smell. Being bullied can be severely damaging to your child’s mental health so it is best to not give potential bullies any ammunition.

How to talk to your child about body odor?

Pointing out to your child that they smell should be done by the parent but carefully and gently. You don’t want to ignore the problem because children might not even notice it by themselves, and even if they do they will not know how to deal with it. You should gently explain to your child that their body is developing and sweating is a normal part of that process.

Make sure that your child knows how to care for their personal hygiene. Teach them to wash their body daily, especially the areas that tend to get dirtier than others, like underarms. Teach about the importance of using soap.

Then introduce your child to deodorant and explain how to use it. However, children’s skin is delicate and you should not use harsh cosmetics on it. It can be difficult to know which is the best deodorant for kids but it is often said to first go with a plain one that doesn’t use heavy scents. Antiperspirants are generally not recommended as they use irritating chemicals. Use the Internet to search for reviews for the best deodorant for girls and for boys. Take your child with you to the store and let them pick a scent they like – they will be more likely to use a deodorant that smells nice to them.

Puberty is a difficult stage in your child’s development and as a parent, you should do what you can to make that process easier on your child. For some parents, it might be difficult to accept that their precious child is growing up but you should overcome those feelings and do what you can for your child’s sake.

5 Fashion Houses That Take Couture To The Next Level

We are all accustomed to fashion houses defining trends and the way should people dress so that they fit the standard of beauty. Although today fashion became less restrictive regarding rules of style, there are still canonical practices that establish the vast field of clothes manufacturing. However, what makes a fashion collection a statement in its era is not its wearability but the creativity that hides behind the textile. Designers learned to inspire their work from all fields and collect matter that sets their work aside from the rest. With these thoughts in mind, we’ve tried to enlist the most memorable endeavors of fashion houses that stood the test of time.

1. Prada and the revival od spring

Miuccia Prada took the revolutionary road when she designed this breathtaking Prada spring-summer collection in 2008. Her iconic work stood out through vibrating colors and lightweight fabrics that fused together in a fine, organic result. In collaboration with the artist James Jean, this collection vividly expressed his signature motifs, such as translucent organzas and airy water color tones.

2. Sarah Oliver Knitted Bags

Although not a runway collection, Sarah Oliver Handbags has mesmerized the audience when shared details of the fashion house’s collaboration with retired ladies. The products are not only flawlessly knitted but also bear the feels of the warm hands of a grandmother that put all the effort and care in creating couture statement.

3. Emilio Pucci and eccentric fashion

Pucci was renowned for dauntlessly assaulting the restrictive fashion industry with his vibrating creativity. His expression of fashion was displayed through eye-catching prints and bright colors. The designer was never afraid to dare and managed to define the consciousness of many decades. In the collection of 2020, Pucci’s sophistication has mastered through the bold colors and wild prints that translate into the genius of Emilio Pucci.

4. Paco Rabanne and futurism

The ’60s were defined by a prolonged endeavor of determining the density of space. Rabanne was one of the promoters of futuristic, space-age inspired designs. He thought of fashion as a means of turmoil and constant innovation. In this manner, his metal dress not only made him a renowned creator but also earned his reputation as an avant-la-lettre designer.

5. Vivienne Westwood and punk

When Vivienne Westwood took seized control over the punk rock movement in fashion, a new era of couture was just about to spring. The way she integrated the essence of punk and translated it into textures and patterns shook the world audience. The autumn/winter collection in 1991 is maybe her most memorable one that encompassed her masterful skills and talent.

6. Alexander McQueen and ground-breaking fashion statements

Prior to his death in 2010, McQueen was a creator that inspired a wide spectrum of feelings. Through his outstanding work, McQueen constantly attempted to redefine fashion and fought for a liberal approach to what couture should be. His collections were raw, distinctive and a vivid depiction of high-class.

Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe from Outdoor Fire Pits!

If you own an outdoor fire pit then you know how much enjoyment they can bring to a family. They open up activities for people to do together, and they create memories that parents can have with their kids.

But like many things, there needs to be some type of guidelines or rules when it comes to fire pits. Parents need to ensure that a potential hazard does not occur when the kids are in the backyard around it.

Wondering what ways you can keep your children safe? Hopefully this list can help you understand how to keep any risks at bay and be aware of things to do:

Make Rules – Have your kids be aware of the rules that you make up for the outdoor fire pit. Tell them how close they can get or where they should play when outside. As a parent, you need to communicate this and show your children where they should not go or be by. Show them how close they can get, what they need to be careful of, and when they can play by it with an adult watching.

Keep an Eye Out – Whenever you spend time by the fire pit, make sure you are keeping a watchful eye on your kids. Make sure they play at a good distance, do not try to touch the fire, or go near it. Perhaps sit in a view where the children can be in your sight, or always make sure that an adult is watching when your kids are in the backyard.

Put the Fire Pit in a Safe Area – One of the best ways to keep your kids from being harmed or injured by the result of a fire pit is to place it in an area that is safe. Do not have anything too close by or in a way that it blocks a path. Having it in your backyard can be a great place for an portable fire pit, but keep it in view and far from places that can catch on fire.

Look at the Manuel – It needs to be said that viewing the manual and instructions that comes with the fire pit you choose can be a life saver! Just understanding the little details, dos-and-don’ts, and how to light it can help any parent keep their children safe. It can be a helpful guide on how to prevent any mistakes from happening later in the future.

Protect the Fire Pit – What this means is to put something around the fire pit that can prevent any child to go by the fire or touch it. A spark guard can be a perfect choice to put around one. It can keep keep sparks or embers from hitting surfaces that can start a fire – or worse, burn someone!

Let the Fire Pit Cool Down – Fire pits can still be very hot after you and your family uses them. Make sure no kid goes near it so it can cool down on its own time (which typically is a little over an hour).

Things to Keep By In Case – In case any emergency does happen to occur, keep by a fire extinguisher or water. Hopefully it never comes to this point and nothing serious ever happens. But, it is best to stay safe and always have a precaution!

Safety is a priority of any parent. However, now that you know a few good ways to keep your kids safe, you can have even more fun with the family while being risk-free! Also it’s a good idea to only buy good quality fire pits, read reviews from reputable sources such as Fire In Style.


Paper Recycling

The loss of more older trees is the consequence of rising consumption of paper including books and newsprints. It is daunting to reckon how long it could take to see them replaced. It is vital now that we ensure we recycle and reuse paper.

All paper, including books and mags, are nearly wholly biodegradable, meaning they don’t congest landfills for numerous years and will simply degrade into nothing. If there is a rising paper requirement, it appears negligent to push aside any resource that can be reprocessed. So, recycling and reusing resources is crucial.

There are lots of facilities we can go for paper recycling. Cities and towns have many places for recycling and you will likewise discover these at the big supermarkets. You may find that your local area offers several bins so you can separate your paper for recycling. So that the paper can be reused, the recycling process has to be put in place. The end result for the environment is that trees are saved. There are challenges with recycling paper because lots of paper, in particular mags and books, contain staples to keep the pages together, making it tougher to simply recycle. Magnets may be used to handle the issues of metal and companies that recycle are always finding ways to better the process.

By thinking about it, there are many uses for our old magazines and books. Those old books and mags can be a terrific learning resource for your children and they will have the opportunity to pass them to others in the future. An old book will be usable to another person and it is easy for us give it this way.

Your local library or charity is a good place to go if you have many books that you don’t want anymore. Many libraries will take donations of old books and even mags, providing they are in good condition. This will allow the library to provide a wider range of books, as well as give other people with more publications to read. So rather then merely discarding a book or leaving it to collect dust, think about donating it to a library.

If you don’t want to give away your books for whatever reason then you can try selling them, either at a garage sale or online. Selling your books online is now more painless than ever before at places such as Amazon and eBay.

The demand for paper continues to increase and a consequence of this is the decrease in the number of trees left. Trees are not merely great for the environment, but they are also home to animals. There are great deal of options for us to recycle paper and to ascertain that books and mags are used again instead of thrown away.

While craft stores and department stores offer a decent selection of papers, there is nothing like shopping online. An online specialty paper wholesaler or retailer gives you the power to review countless paper styles right from the comfort of your own home. And with the click of a mouse, you can have your paper shipped directly to your door. It’s convenience that has revolutionized the paper industry!

Gourmia GCM5500 – Automatic Espresso Cappuccino & Latte Maker Review

Out of the case, the Gourmia GCM5500 will get nearly everyone’s consideration. It arrives in a smooth and present day outline that blends with any kitchen stylistic layout or encompassing. The GCM5500 gives you a chance to make an extensive variety of drinks beginning from straightforward espressos and Café Americano to Lattes, Cappuccinos, and Macchiato.

Made of stainless steel and solid plastic, the Gourmia GCM5500 is tough. Along these lines, you can utilize it for your daily brewing occupations without the stress that it might wear and tear soon. By simply the touch of a button, this machine promises you of scrumptious and freshly blended drinks without much problem.

The Gourmia GCM5500 influences utilization of an imaginative innovation and a 15 to bar strain to create finely blended drinks that are steady constantly. This coffee maker is intended to work best with all Nespresso units and with the single espresso cases.

The water tank at the back is separable creating it simple to refill from the sink, and it’s equipped for holding water enough to blend two or three espresso cups. The drip plate is flexible to suit both short and tall cups. It would also hold all the fluid spillage to guarantee a spotless counter amid the brewing procedure.

The Gourmia GCM5500 doesn’t confine you to utilize coffee cases as it were. A basic and cheap option is to locate a reusable unit that you can put your favored coffee granular. Over the long haul, this machine will spare you a lot of cash, which one would have spent in the bistros while withstanding the long lines.



  • One of client griped here and there it didn’t automatically include drain or even foam the drain for cappuccinos or lattes

Client Opinion about the Gourmia GCM5500

Clients like that they don’t need to leave their homes to get a cup of sweet-smelling and elegant cup of latte and cappuccino. The GCM5500 gives them a chance to make an ideal cup of coffee expelling all the mystery in the preparing procedure to create only the correct taste as expected. A few clients brought up that it’s simple and fast to begin. The directions in the client’s manual are basically clear, and even a learner won’t encounter any problems while working it.

It’s one thing to require a machine that is completely practical and something else cleaning it. A coffee machine like the GCM5500 which isn’t agony to clean is the approach. All you require to do to clean this machine is expel a couple of its parts, for example, the separable water store and drip plate. Different features that clients appeared to acknowledge were: an automatic cartridge system, drain frother, and a case compartment.

How reasonable and appealing Gourmia GCM5500 for your home.

The Gourmia made a point to plan an item that is an awesome harmony amongst usefulness and cost. While the biggest level of the total populace comprises of center level class individuals, the Gourmia saw the need to take into account them by presenting a reasonable coffee maker machine, the Gourmia GCM5500.

Its cost may come as an astonishment to you as it isn’t more than 200 dollars like the vast majority of the general population would anticipate. Does the arrangement sound so great to be valid? In all actuality it has an entirely little sticker price that is moderate to anybody. Along these lines, if you are on a tight spending plan and you are searching for a machine that is a mix of good looks, usefulness, and a reasonable cost, there couldn’t be a superior arrangement other than the Gourmia GCM5500.

Highlight and Benefit of the Gourmia GCM5500

  • You can create your espressos and different drinks with the touch of a button
  • The Milk Frother gives you a chance to add a smooth foam to your drain based beverages like the cappuccinos, lattes, macchiato.
  • Compatible with espresso coffee cases.
  • The detachable water tank, drip plate and mesh make washing a breeze
  • It is ETL recorded in this way ensuring you of a protected, proficient and fantastic coffee creator machine
  • It has a smaller outline that gets up less kitchen stand space.
  • Comes in a dark, very much characterized outside that gives your kitchen a feeling of feel and look.

Last Verdicts

It’s never a simple task endeavoring to choose an item from a leaflet with extra than hundreds comparative items. When one are on a financial plan, it turns out to be significantly harder and restricting. Gourmia saw it good to present the GCM5500 which isn’t just stash inviting but also accompanies huge amounts of features and capacities. With the Gourmia GCM5500, you don’t have to search for different alternatives; it is a perfect item that is certain to encounter ones brewing requirements.

3 Best Burberry Perfumes for Women


Are you looking for the best perfume? Ever tried Burberry perfumes? What was your experience? I guess it was great. But what do you look for when buying Burberry perfumes? You should remember that fashion, is an independent industry has started catering the needs of all. Wearing clothes, accessories, footwear, and jewelry attuned to the fashions are the talks of old days. Today is an era for perfumes which has found its place in this list above most recently. It has been little known that a bottle with liquid equal, when opened, can do wonders for you.

Any good attire is just incomplete with the right fragrance. It is just not a fragrance to hide your body odor; it is the mood that drives you and everyone around. A fragrance explains your style statement according to the mood you are currently in. That is why it has become more a part of your dress. Well if you have the right fragrance at the right time, no wonders you can impress anyone; be it your girlfriend or a boyfriend in that case. So it is very important to have a right fragrance at the right time.

3 best Burberry perfumes for women

Burberry “London”

In an innovative twist, the bottles for Burberry “London” are encapsulated in actual Burberry Fabric giving exciting authenticity to the whole ensemble. Crafted by Dominique Ropion who also happens to be an author, this scent is also available in two varieties. The men’s’ line has an “amber woody” fragrance that is very different from the women’s which is strictly floral.

Burberry “Brit”

Available in three different varieties – for men, women, and the “Sheer” line for men, the Brit line is one of Burberry’s most popular scents. The description of the woman’s line is, a “surprising” mix of sugar and spices. All three variants come in bottles designed in the classic Burberry checked pattern.

Burberry fragrance

The most noted Burberry fragrance is simply called Burberry(available for both men and women). You will also find Brit by Burberry, Burberry London, Weekend by Burberry, Touch, The Beat, Summer, Brit Red, Brit Sheer, Baby Touch (a unisex fragrance), Sport, and Burberry Summer Ladies. The flagship scent of

Burberry is best described as a sugar and spice bouquet that captures the playful London-chic spirit. This icon, along with its sister fragrance Burberry Brit, has won a Fifi Award (the highest honor in perfumery).

Why should you buy Burberry perfumes


Before the fragrance, it is the packaging of a perfume that decides its fate. Most of the women try a perfume just because they like its look. If you are just like the majority of women, then you would be awestruck to look at Burberry’s perfume packaging. It comes in a very cute red and white packing and a woman has no reason to hate it. But, don’t commit the mistake of buying fragrances online simply by looks.

Fragrance Notes

Not everyone can understand the different notes of a perfume. You need to have some basic knowledge to choose the best fragrances for women.

In conclusion, be sure to take the above product into consideration while buying your perfume.

What to get him this Valentine’s Day

valentines day

In women, Valentine’s Day can turn out to be stressful especially if one does not have an idea of the gift to get her partner. With Valentines is approaching in a few days’ time, it is a wise idea to begin making plans for gifts early enough to avoid last minute rush. Whether your man is a fan of sport, music, traveling or an outdoor fanatic, different gifts can impress him this Valentine. To guide on the best gift ideas and to save on time, this article looks for the perfect gifts to get your man this valentine’s day. These include,

Wireless earbuds

wireless earbuds

With the hands-free connectivity emerging an important component of the current world, wireless earbuds are a perfect gift for him this Valentine. Because of their portability, Wireless earbuds can act as an excellent choice for listening to music while traveling thus acting as a perfect gift for him this Valentine. Check out Savant Mag’s wireless earbuds list.

Water dancing speakers

water dancing speakers

Water dancing speakers is a gift that is likely to amaze almost every man regarded of his preferences. This gift will transform his best songs into an incredible audio-visual experience. Besides, the multicolored LEDs and the illuminated fountain effects create an appealing light show that matches with the tune. For those who are looking a beautiful gift for him this Valentine, consider surprising him with water dancing speakers.

Beach chair

beach chair

For the couple planning to have an outdoor experience this Valentine, a beach chair can be an amazing gift for him this Valentines and also for you. The chair is best for relaxing at the Oceanside. With a protective umbrella, it protects from intense sun thereby assuring both of you a peaceful relaxation at the beach.

MVTV watch

MVTV watch

MTVT watch is another gift for him this Valentine. Crafted with a perfect standard of style, attractive colors, and stainless steel or leather strap, MTVT is an affordable gift to consider this Valentine as far as it is well concerned ever.


men's colognes

Cologne is a good gift for him this Valentine. However, this gift is best for the couple that has been in a relationship for a while to be able to choose the scent that pleases him best. To make it more romantic, you can opt to combine the cologne with a book he loves, his favorite movie or an album he loves. This way, cologne gift can turn out to be amazing to him.

A hiking bag

hiking bag

In most cases, men tend to look for perfect backpack for hiking and other daily activities. Getting him a water-resistant bag, comfortable and with his color of preference can turn out to be a fantastic gift for him

Deluxe Wallet

Deluxe Wallet

You may consider getting him the deluxe wallet. Selecting a slim but big enough wallet to accommodate his items can serve him the best. Choosing a wallet with a double pocket can be good for him for his cash and his cards. Besides, consider his color of choice, elasticity and good stitching for it to last for a while

A romantically branded mug

romantically branded mug

A mug imprinted with a romantic message can act as an excellent gift for him this Valentine. The mug and the message on it can serve as a good reminder of what he means to you, and it can easily blend in his kitchen.

A wireless game console

wireless game console

Getting a game system with a wireless version can amaze him this Valentine. The console system is pre-loaded with various games; it is highly portable therefore giving him a memorable experience

Neo-classic camera

Neo-classic camera

For those who like memories and do not like to miss a thing, an instant camera is the best gift. This gadget elevates photo skills and has features that give room for capturing high-quality pictures. It allows instant capture and sharing of photos because of its inbuilt camera.

Folding USB rechargeable book

Folding USB rechargeable book

This gadget flips open forming a hanging pendant lamp. One may think it is a book, but it can also serve as a table lamp. It has a rechargeable LED light that turns on upon opening making it appealing. Besides the gadget has micro USB port that can be used charge his smartphone. It is light in weight and easy to carry in his briefcase.


Stand Up Paddle Boarding
Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is a different form of surfing in which the paddle boarders use a paddle to propel themselves along the water. The propelling is done like the butterfly swimming stroke. It is a flourishing sport that was founded in Africa but became popular only after the 1990’s. It was also listed as the most popular outdoor activity for first-timers.
As technology grows, the innovation in making paddle boards has increased as well. The boards are tailored in neatly and smartly for multi-purpose uses like surfing, snorkeling, and other water adventures.

The competition in a manufacturing of paddle boards has increased tremendously because of the increased usage and gaining popularity of the sport. Here we list the top 3 best stand up paddle boards. Before analyzing the top paddle boards, let us look at the top brands that manufacture paddle boards. They are Tower paddle boards, Starboard SUP, Fanatic SUP, BIC SUP, Red Paddle Co, Boga SUP, Yolo Board, SUP ATX, Naish SUP, Riviera SUP. The common uses of SUP boards are leisure time, yoga, SUP fishing, SUP surfing, and SUP racing.

The top 3 Stand up paddle boards in the market are:

1) Boardworks Kraken

Boardworks Kraken
Boardworks Kraken

This SUP is the Gear of the Year and it is the best SUP that is available in the market and this board is fun to ride. It is stable in all conditions and it is quick under various circumstances such as wind chop, glassy water or waves. It is 34-inch wider which makes it glide steadily. It has thinner rails and a light rocker in the nose and tail region. There is a bamboo layer attached to provide durability and attractive look to the paddle board. The SUP is priced at $1300. There is a bamboo layer attached to provide durability and attractive look to the paddle board. The SUP is priced at $1300.

2) Surftech Saber Blacktip

Surftech Saber Blacktip
Surftech Saber Blacktip

This SUP offers cool, comfort, and traction for a fun and worry-free ride. The safety feature in this paddle board is beyond expectation with fiberglass bottom and soft foam top deck. It is 29-inch wider and paddles smoothly under all conditions of the sea. This is mostly used by experienced paddle boarders and it is applauded for its deck which keeps the rider’s center of gravity lower to the water level. It is available for $1000 and it guarantees fun gliding with the Surftech Saber Blacktip.

3) Riviera Voyager Classic

Riviera Voyager Classic
Riviera Voyager Classic

If one needs a paddle board just for style, then Riviera is the one to get. The Voyager Classic is wooden-panelled deck and fiberglass single-fin bottom and looks stunning. It is 32-inches wide and it allows for easy balance especially for beginners in SUP. The Voyager is built using Eco Molded Blank which is a strong base material. It contains Kevlar rails that protect the board from bumps and the presence of conceptually designed neoprene helps in carrying the board that weighs 28 pounds. The price of the SUP is very costly at $1500. Though it is not worth its cost, it is the best fit for SUP beginners.