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What to get him this Valentine’s Day

valentines day

In women, Valentine’s Day can turn out to be stressful especially if one does not have an idea of the gift to get her partner. With Valentines is approaching in a few days’ time, it is a wise idea to begin making plans for gifts early enough to avoid last minute rush. Whether your man is a fan of sport, music, traveling or an outdoor fanatic, different gifts can impress him this Valentine. To guide on the best gift ideas and to save on time, this article looks for the perfect gifts to get your man this valentine’s day. These include,

Wireless earbuds

wireless earbuds

With the hands-free connectivity emerging an important component of the current world, wireless earbuds are a perfect gift for him this Valentine. Because of their portability, Wireless earbuds can act as an excellent choice for listening to music while traveling thus acting as a perfect gift for him this Valentine. Check out Savant Mag’s wireless earbuds list.

Water dancing speakers

water dancing speakers

Water dancing speakers is a gift that is likely to amaze almost every man regarded of his preferences. This gift will transform his best songs into an incredible audio-visual experience. Besides, the multicolored LEDs and the illuminated fountain effects create an appealing light show that matches with the tune. For those who are looking a beautiful gift for him this Valentine, consider surprising him with water dancing speakers.

Beach chair

beach chair

For the couple planning to have an outdoor experience this Valentine, a beach chair can be an amazing gift for him this Valentines and also for you. The chair is best for relaxing at the Oceanside. With a protective umbrella, it protects from intense sun thereby assuring both of you a peaceful relaxation at the beach.

MVTV watch

MVTV watch

MTVT watch is another gift for him this Valentine. Crafted with a perfect standard of style, attractive colors, and stainless steel or leather strap, MTVT is an affordable gift to consider this Valentine as far as it is well concerned ever.


men's colognes

Cologne is a good gift for him this Valentine. However, this gift is best for the couple that has been in a relationship for a while to be able to choose the scent that pleases him best. To make it more romantic, you can opt to combine the cologne with a book he loves, his favorite movie or an album he loves. This way, cologne gift can turn out to be amazing to him.

A hiking bag

hiking bag

In most cases, men tend to look for perfect backpack for hiking and other daily activities. Getting him a water-resistant bag, comfortable and with his color of preference can turn out to be a fantastic gift for him

Deluxe Wallet

Deluxe Wallet

You may consider getting him the deluxe wallet. Selecting a slim but big enough wallet to accommodate his items can serve him the best. Choosing a wallet with a double pocket can be good for him for his cash and his cards. Besides, consider his color of choice, elasticity and good stitching for it to last for a while

A romantically branded mug

romantically branded mug

A mug imprinted with a romantic message can act as an excellent gift for him this Valentine. The mug and the message on it can serve as a good reminder of what he means to you, and it can easily blend in his kitchen.

A wireless game console

wireless game console

Getting a game system with a wireless version can amaze him this Valentine. The console system is pre-loaded with various games; it is highly portable therefore giving him a memorable experience

Neo-classic camera

Neo-classic camera

For those who like memories and do not like to miss a thing, an instant camera is the best gift. This gadget elevates photo skills and has features that give room for capturing high-quality pictures. It allows instant capture and sharing of photos because of its inbuilt camera.

Folding USB rechargeable book

Folding USB rechargeable book

This gadget flips open forming a hanging pendant lamp. One may think it is a book, but it can also serve as a table lamp. It has a rechargeable LED light that turns on upon opening making it appealing. Besides the gadget has micro USB port that can be used charge his smartphone. It is light in weight and easy to carry in his briefcase.


Stand Up Paddle Boarding
Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is a different form of surfing in which the paddle boarders use a paddle to propel themselves along the water. The propelling is done like the butterfly swimming stroke. It is a flourishing sport that was founded in Africa but became popular only after the 1990’s. It was also listed as the most popular outdoor activity for first-timers.
As technology grows, the innovation in making paddle boards has increased as well. The boards are tailored in neatly and smartly for multi-purpose uses like surfing, snorkeling, and other water adventures.

The competition in a manufacturing of paddle boards has increased tremendously because of the increased usage and gaining popularity of the sport. Here we list the top 3 best stand up paddle boards. Before analyzing the top paddle boards, let us look at the top brands that manufacture paddle boards. They are Tower paddle boards, Starboard SUP, Fanatic SUP, BIC SUP, Red Paddle Co, Boga SUP, Yolo Board, SUP ATX, Naish SUP, Riviera SUP. The common uses of SUP boards are leisure time, yoga, SUP fishing, SUP surfing, and SUP racing.

The top 3 Stand up paddle boards in the market are:

1) Boardworks Kraken

Boardworks Kraken
Boardworks Kraken

This SUP is the Gear of the Year and it is the best SUP that is available in the market and this board is fun to ride. It is stable in all conditions and it is quick under various circumstances such as wind chop, glassy water or waves. It is 34-inch wider which makes it glide steadily. It has thinner rails and a light rocker in the nose and tail region. There is a bamboo layer attached to provide durability and attractive look to the paddle board. The SUP is priced at $1300. There is a bamboo layer attached to provide durability and attractive look to the paddle board. The SUP is priced at $1300.

2) Surftech Saber Blacktip

Surftech Saber Blacktip
Surftech Saber Blacktip

This SUP offers cool, comfort, and traction for a fun and worry-free ride. The safety feature in this paddle board is beyond expectation with fiberglass bottom and soft foam top deck. It is 29-inch wider and paddles smoothly under all conditions of the sea. This is mostly used by experienced paddle boarders and it is applauded for its deck which keeps the rider’s center of gravity lower to the water level. It is available for $1000 and it guarantees fun gliding with the Surftech Saber Blacktip.

3) Riviera Voyager Classic

Riviera Voyager Classic
Riviera Voyager Classic

If one needs a paddle board just for style, then Riviera is the one to get. The Voyager Classic is wooden-panelled deck and fiberglass single-fin bottom and looks stunning. It is 32-inches wide and it allows for easy balance especially for beginners in SUP. The Voyager is built using Eco Molded Blank which is a strong base material. It contains Kevlar rails that protect the board from bumps and the presence of conceptually designed neoprene helps in carrying the board that weighs 28 pounds. The price of the SUP is very costly at $1500. Though it is not worth its cost, it is the best fit for SUP beginners.